Your 25th Hour


I am Darren Lewitt, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the East of England and a great role model of how someone can start at the bottom and rise to the top using pure determination, self-belief and an abundance of creativity.

In 1991 after eight years in the Royal Air Force, I decided to join a £10 million IT Norfolk distributor and after a few successful years in sales I was given a new challenge to evolve the company.  The next 20 years saw an evolution process that would turn Midwich into the world’s largest specialist Audio Visual Distribution Group, acquiring 13 companies, operating in seven countries. Today the company is listed and has a turnover way above £700 million.

I set up my just2Achieve Academy which allows me to selectively mentor and coach business leaders and individuals. In addition I volunteer my time.  As an Academy advisor I inspire young students, some under privileged and some with complex care needs.  As a Grandmentor for the charity Volunteering Matters, I mentor young people leaving the care system.  I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to inspire you and your business.